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Home Depot
Pushed to the side

While visiting your store (#1028) in Temecula I was returning some products that were purchased at this store. Your cashier needed a number for one of the products returned. She called the Department. She did not bother with the rest of the things I had to returned. Simply asked if she could take care of another customer and ...

Home Depot
Rapid carpet install is not rapid

I went into my local Home Depot store to look for carpet. I was looking for a quick install as the carpet was for rental property. I spoke to the associate and chose the carpet and pad. I purchased carpet with a 72 hour rapid install option. They came out to my home and measured and the following day, I paid for it in full. ...

Home Depot
Not reciveing early

Got here early like six and a half hours early. The reciver said he has trucks coming in so he could not take me early been here almost an hour already and no other trucks have even come so much for getting the specials orders out to the people who ordered it. Guess this way u don't have to unload it right away. Make the truck ...

Home Depot
Slow Delivery

I ordered a Patio table and chair set on May 1 online. The confirmation said it would be delivered between May 7 and May 14. When I didn't receive it on the 14th I called and was told it was at a facility 45 miles from my house and tracking shows it has been there 4 days. I was told they were ready to deliver and if I like ...

Home Depot
Product Not Delivered, No Refund

I ordered a garden shed at the end of March. The website said it could take up to three weeks for delivery so I thought nothing of it when it hadn't shown up before I went on holiday. So I go away for a week at the end of April and the shed is still a no show. I call the customer service line on the Sunday at the beginning of ...