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Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr.
Thief, Liar, & Cheat

This so called Attorney is a thief. He will take your money and perform no services and come up with every reason in the world to not perform. He is a liar of the worst sort. He will claim he doesn't receive documents despite proof of a fed-x with confirmed delivery date and time. Lying is second nature to this man. If you see ...

Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr.
Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr. Fired

This is a sworn statement of fact and is an exact account of why I had to fire Jimmie L. J. Brown, Jr. My name is Barry Powell. I had helped Jimmie acquire his home of choice because his credit was tarnished and he could not qualify for a loan. Jimmie was an attorney and in need of work. Shortly thereafter I hired him to ...