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Out of Product and no way to get a rain check.

After checking the circular, checking my manufacturing coupons and adding my digital coupons to my Shoprite card, I arrived at my local Shoprite about 10:15pm. Realizing they were out three things that I had manufacturing coupons and digital coupons for I asked the employees did they have any more Bic Lighters, (I know they ...

Digital coupons for the handicapped

I went to the store I use in Belmar, nj, spoketo the manager for over 10 minutes and was finally told I could use their computer in the store. If I can't do it on mine how can I do it there. My wife told me that she would not wait for me. I am handicapped and I can't drive alone, is their a way I can sign up for a way to load ...

Difficulty with digital coupons

I dislike Shoprite's digital coupons for the following reasons (1) I have a problem loading them and (2) when I need to run into Shoprite to pick up a few items that are in the weekly circular I have to have a digital coupon in order to get the sale price so I usually go to another store that doesn't have these types of ...

Review about Staff from Islip, New York

After multiple attemps to contact you by different phone numbers i gave up! It was busy or non working number (from your web site). I want to let you know about one of your managers in your Bayshore NY store. The way he degraded an humiliated one of his front of alot of customers, one of them me. It was ...