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Steak N Shake
Quality of food

Last night I got a meal from the steak & shake in Greenfield Indiana. I got a carry-out steak & fries. Not that it matters but my meal # was 552787 The steakburger was so greasy I threw 1/2 of it away. Took me all night to get the grease out of my stomach. The fries. Were under cooked, limp, sticking together, crammed into a ...

Steak N Shake

My husband and I go to Steak N Shake at least 3 times a month to the same location on Rte 1 in Jenson Beach Florida. Each time I go I have noticed that the cleanliness is getting worst. The floor is never really clean the kick plate at the bar is disgusting and the bathroom walls and floors are filthy. I mentioned this at one ...

Steak N Shake
Poor service

Only one waitress ignored the first fifteen minutes after getting up to leave the waitress said she would be right with us... Another five minutes went by... Finally ordered waited another thirty minutes and got cold food, no refills on tea, had to ask for napkins several times, the milkshakes were milky. The tables were ...