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Sra Associates
SRA is it a scam?

Started receiving calls from SRA about 2 months ago saying I owe a dept to a certain bank. I have never had a loan at this bank and have never received any notice from said bank. SRA won't give me any information when this so-called loan took place but they want my SS# and my birth date. I told them to give me the last four ...

Sra Associates
Arrogant and unprofessional

Turned in a lease and leased another. Received a bill from SRA that wasn't even close to what finance company said was due. They promised not to call for a few days while finance company investigated. Two days later, the calls began again in earnest. They call at 8:30 am until 9:30 pm. Last week, finance company admitted we ...

Sra Associates
Arrogant and condescending

I had the same issue as many others. I turned in a Hyundai lease and leased another. Hit with tons of fees even my salesman (who we've leased multiple cars from) never heard of. I know it's a tough job as some (not all) debtors are not "good" people but we are. Threats and lectures even though Hyundai is trying to fix it. I no ...

Sra Associates

I received a call on my home number from them, and before they explained what it is they were even calling about the guy asked for my address, and my SSN. When I asked who he was and why he was calling, he responded with "I can't disclose that information until you give me the required information." Like WTF??? I had to google ...