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Haband Perks
VIP Plus

I never ordered this product PLatinum VIP club. Now I find 14.99 on my credit card. Called Haband and they offered only six months credit. Anyone want to start a class action suit. Don't know how I signed up for this "Service" Haband has the lowest quality goods returning goods is difficult and getting a refund is almost ...

Easy Saver Rewards
Bought flowers on pro flowers. Was signed up for "easy saver " membership and they charged my credit card $14.95 every month for five years. I just discovered it.

I have been charged $14.95 since 2009. Didn't notice charge on statement until today. I missed the timing to participate in class action law suit that was settled in 2013. Pro flowers acted like they didn't know anything about it and said they have severed ties with easy savers, I'm screwed! Don't buy proflowers or sherries ...