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James Wanzeck, Remax Masters
Destroys Families

James T. Wanzeck is destroying our family. He will not let us sell our house. We signed an agreement with one of his agents and his agent lied to us multiple times. Now... He won't let us sell our house for whom the proceeds would go to help my disabled daughter. What kind of man does this? James T. Wanzeck will rot in ...

Wanzeck Team Denver Realtors
Shame on James Wanzeck

This is my opinion of James Wanzeck of the Wanzeck Team. James Wanzeck is a bully. We are his clients or specifically Mitch Gilbert's, his agents clients. We had a dispute over the contract and James T. Wanzeck called the police on my wife and I. We received a call from Officer Gibson from the Greenwood police asking us ...

Wanzeck Team
James T. Wanzeck Bad Business Ethics

James T. Wanzeck, Broker of Remax Masters has bad ethics. We are clients of James T. Wanzeck and in a dispute with James T. Wanzeck and James T. Wanzeck called the police, Detective Gibson from the Greenwood Police Department and said he was afraid we would bring a gun into the office and? James T. Wanzeck... We are your ...

Jim Wanzeck
Abuses the Disabled!

I am on disability and Jim Wanzeck actually picks on the disabled. Jim Wanzeck, a healthy, wealthy broker in greenwood village told me he would destroy me if I posted this, but what the heck. Jim Wanzeck has an agent who lied to us, did not represent himself well and said if we said anything that his broker Jim Wanzeck has ...

James Wanzeck, broker of Remax Realtors
James Wanzeck, Tyler Wanzeck Travis Wanzeck Remax Masters James Wanzeck of Remax Masters abuses clients

Mr. Wanzeck is our broker. Mr. Wanzeck listed our home in March 2013. He is a realtor who lies for a living. He works with Mitch Gilbert and perpetrates lies for a living.instead of rebuking his agent Mitch Gilbert for lying to us and not doing his job, he told me and my wife we were liars. He called us multiple time and ...