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Soza Clinic
Got ripped off. Scammed

The Sosa or Soza clinics of Louisiana are ripping people off. They are selling a product for $469 which they are paying Soza Corporate $50 for!? Their products are completely untested - they were copied from the Bouari formulas. If you tested their spray you will see that it's nothing but water. It's a complete scam. The ...

Soza Clinic
Scam. Rip off!

Soza of louisiana is a complete sham. There are 5 clinics in louisiana operating as Soza probably illegally. They are buying useless products for $50 and reselling them for $469 as a "weight loss system". If these products work so well then why are half the people who work in the Louisiana clinics SO fat? The owners the ...

Soza Clinic
Charged $469 for a $50 product!

The Metairie Houma Harvey Covington and Praireville Soza clinics are charging $469 for a useless system that costs them $50 to buy. The funniest thing is that most of their staff are fat and unhealthy. The main product is made by King Bio and is just WATER! They put you on. 500 calorie a day diet, and say it's the magic ...