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Lennar markets one thing, does another.

Too much to say but the short of it is they talk of core principles yet don't seem to do anything to improve upon them or customer satisfaction. I'm amazed that by spending a little extra effort and cost upfront would save them money on the backside not to mention help the customer satisfaction level. I won't buy another ...

Lennar - Everything's NOT Included

Aside from many, many poor quality workmanship items (far too many to go into), they have their infamous quote "Everythings Included." Right. Read the fine print. They have you sign off a single document wherein they "reserve the right to change anything without notice." So what wasn't included? I looked at the model, and they ...


We bought a Lennar home in 1986 pre-construction. We were thrilled with the floor plan and the price was right. I should have smelled a rat on the day of moving in. We had the walk-through in section and signed off on it. When we were moving in, I noticed what appears to be a discolored line on the laminate cabinet in the 1/2 ...

Lennar - foundation leak

Our house is only 5 years old and we have flowing water in our dining room. Our insurance Co and Lennar are denying our claim. Insurance co sent an engineer stating it is a foundation issue. Lennar will not (even though they are code issues) help in any way. We are at a loss with what to do. Kyle from Lennar told me he's ...

Lennar Customer care service sucks

We bought townhome from lennar in april 2013. Our toilet paper stend s broken. Sink is liking, roof is broken, kitchen floor is dmamge, carpet is not in stable, etc... We called 15 times in customer care service for our one year maintenance service and every time different people pick up the phone ad gave us a ticket number. ...