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Bait and Switch Fraud Scam!

I was charged $74.98 for product that I didn't order. They get your credit card # by asking you to pay for shipping on a "free" sample, and they keep billing your card for a monthly shipment thereafter! I have tried to cancel this so called service that I never signed up for, but so far without success. This is obviously a ...

Stages of Beauty
Your a scam lie thief

You no the story, looks like we are all saying the same thing. I hope you all end up in jail and your moma. You took my money, i have no product. And your a wipe. And im making you my new reason for getting up in the morning. Lol lies, scam, thief, takes candy from little babys. thinks he smart, little man. Cant make a ...

Stages of Beauty
Not a full refund

I did not realize that I was signing up for monthly shipments of this useless product, just a sample. They offer a full refund to dissatisfied customers on their website, but when I called I was told I would only get a 60% refund. Then you have to listen to the sales pitch over and over again before a representative actually ...

Stages of Beauty

I ordered the "FREE" sample - I didn't see the fine print. Never saw that I had to cancel "membership" within 14 days. When I saw the charge of $84.98 - I called and complained and was immediately offered a 60% credit. Actually received credit yesterday - one day after my call to complain. I wish I had checked for complaints ...