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Hobby Lobby
Management so rude

As a former employee of one of their stores, I can confirm that management isn't just lacking in their customer service, but also in their handling of employees. -I was cross trained as art department stocker/clerk and cashier. Rarely was I ever actually in my department unless it was shipment day. Even then, as I'm trying to ...

Hobby Lobby
Rule Help

I thought Hobby Lobby was supposed to be a Christian based store. From now on, I'm going to the heathens at Michaels. The East Haven, CT store is filled with the rudest sales clerks that I have ever come across. It's not just a one time thing. They are always rude. Yesterday was the last straw when the girl at the cash ...

Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby poor managment

On Saturday, May 23,2015. I was in your store located at 2325 S Stemmons in Lewisville, Texas. I was disappointed to find insufficient staffing on a holiday week-end; when shoppers are out to take advantage of advertised holiday savings. There were at least 10-15 people waiting for service in the fabric department. There was ...