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Hobby Lobby
Extremely poor quality furniture

I know, I know, it's cheap furniture. But at least it's (some kind of) wood, and I wasn't expecting much. I bought a tall, narrow cabinet with lots of drawers and two small bookshelves. The drawer fronts have warped over time; the shelves have also warped but to a lesser degree. It's way too late to return them, even if I ...

Hobby Lobby

Tonight (October 30,2014) at the Hobby Lobby location in Fayetteville, NC off of Skibo road, the door was closed and locked in my face as I tried to enter. At first I thought well maybe they are closed and I will just come back tomorrow, even though my clock on my phone said 7:54 pm. As I walked to my car another person walked ...

Hobby Lobby
Rude employee

I love Hobby Lobby but one employee is giving your business a bad name. The branch in College Dr, Baton Rouge is where I always go and purchase. While most workers are nice, there is a blonde lady around her 30's or 40's who is so rude. Not only she gives you a dirty look whenever you look around the store, but she always ...