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Hobby Lobby
Item not what it says

Ordered latch hook rug kits for a client that needed the design on the canvas. When ordered it said design on canvas. No design they want you to graph it on. My client can't do them and I'm out 40 dollars. It says no online returns. I feel that the package and the online details of items don't match up. My client loves doing ...

Hobby Lobby
Review from Moline, Illinois

Ms. Richardson, Or I'm sorry... Mr. Richards, you seem to have gone above and beyond researching this complaint. I applaud your investigative effort. Are you personally or professionally acquainted with the administrator of this site that you were able to call in a favor? I was told such information was only released with a ...

Hobby Lobby
Rude cashier Stacie

My friend and I visited the West Monroe store on January 3,2015 and asked the cashier were they going to open a lane and we stood there and she stated it would be a few minutes and in less then a minute Stacie came up and open the lane and my friend told me to come on and Stacie said she would have to take the next in line and ...