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Hobby Lobby
Rude and unqualified management

Visited my local store in Kenosha WI today stood in line behind several others for 20 minutes when finally next in line the manager RUDELY treated my wife like she just ran up to a closed register and the cashier explained to him that we were already in line. The manager made my wife go to the back of a different line almost an ...

Hobby Lobby
Dishonest advertising

I purchased furniture with a tag that reads, hobby lobby warehouse reorder furniture $149.99. Furniture Always 30% off, Your price is $104.99. My 40% coupon was refused at their Always (which indicates their regular price) price and even when speaking with a manager I was told their computer system wouldn't allow another ...

Hobby Lobby
50% of frames is a LIE.

I had to buy two frames quickly for Christmas gifts. One was priced at $29.99 and the other at $49.99. Signs were posted EVERYWHERE that ALL frames were 50% off. Only two days before I purchased several open frames and received the posted 50% discount but not this time. When I was at the register and charged the full price I ...