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Poland Spring
What schedule?

Totally unreliable should be their motto. The give you a delivery date and then never show the meantime the empty bottles blow away and are gone. This is the fourth day that I'm waiting for water. Same thing happened last year. I guess they don't care about their customers or their own business model for that matter. I ...

Poland Spring
Inadequate Billing System

For more than two years I have constantly had to call Poland Springs for a bill to be sent to my home. Each time I called, I had to deal with a different person. Numerous calls were made, each time being promised the problem would be resolved. After each call, when a bill was received, I was always charged a late fee. I always ...

Poland Spring
Contaminated water, concerned consume

I anita coqueran brought 25 one gallon containers from a supermarket in Astoria queens NEW York, and it tasted like old plastic and very distasteful what are me and my family suppose to drink, I buy this water every month for my household it cost me $24.75. When it's. 99 to a gallon. $39.75 other times not on sale. I do not ...