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Freedom Mortgage
They don't want to pay

On June, 4,2015 supposly my escrow check was sent to me a week later I get a letter post marked June 5 that states the break down of what is owed to me but no check Juan, 22 I receive a letter from loancare stating the payoff but again still no check I called and asked if they can track the check and no surprise they send there ...

Freedom Mortgage
Consumer Beware!

Extremely rude account manager that i had to deal with after my loan was sold to another servicing bank. 2 months after starting to make payments to the new bank, who already had my information in their system, Freedom mortgage reported me to the credit bureaus that my loan was in default. What! It took them over 2 months for ...

Freedom Mortgage

We are being harassed daily at home and at my husband's work to refinance our loan with Freedom Mortgage on behalf of Ocwen. We have spoken to Ocwen and they said they are not affiliated with Freedom in any way. I have told Freedom I am NOT interested in refinancing and I hang up but they keep calling every day. My husband is ...

Freedom Mortgage
Late payments

Twice in 3 months, I have sent my payment on time (the 5th and the 6th of the month) and it has taken 19 and 21 days, respectively, for them to process it. I then got a late payment of $48.15. The first time, after letters were sent (can't talk to them by phone; after they eventually answer, which takes about 20 minutes and I ...

Freedom Mortgage
Wow I Dodged a Bullet!

I got a letter from Freedom Mortgage about refinancing at a lower interest. They said that they were in Partnership with my Mortgage Co., Ocwen, it even had their logo at the top of the letter. So I thought they were probably OK. After speaking with a Sales person, I decided to go with them. I was filling out the e-paperwork, ...