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Ordered early July 2014 - Revolution

I ordered early July 2014 Revolution for my two Bichons. They took my money immediately, July 7,2014 and did not send the medication. I called and called and listened to their music until after 20 minutes they hung up on me. I decided to send an email. I didn't think they would really espond, but they did and they told me they ...

Failed to Ship Purchase

I recently ordered Revolution for Dogs from Allvetmed and was provided with a shipping number. However, I was unable to pull up any information regarding the shipment. I ended up contacting UPS and they said it was a valid tracking number but they can not pull any info on it either because it probably has not shipped yet. ...

No order, no refund.

I have ordered Revolution for cats, but my vet denied to renew my prescription, saying she must see my cat again. It is ok, i have take my cat to vet office for checkup. But i am not rich person and need money for that, so i have canceled an order in Allvetmed. They promised me 24-48 hours refund. Nothing like that happened. I ...