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Replacement part nightmare

Ordered a replacement part for a charcoal grill the beginning of April. Here it is two months later and I have to call again to still find out the part will be on back order for another 6 weeks. That's what I was told 6 weeks ago. I guess I'll receive the part in October when grilling season is over. And to boot, when talking ...

Home Shopping Network
HSN wont let me place an order because a roommate has a debt at the address they have in their sys for me g

I cannot believe what HSN has done, i lived with my cousin for a few months and moved but now i'm trying to make a purchase and i'm being told by HSN that i will not be able to place an order till my EX roommate clears an acct she has with them. OMG i feel an arbitration coming on... BEWARE PEOPLE HSN is not a credible company ...

Charge an activation fee

What kept me from going with Monitronics despite the fact that they offer reasonable monthly packages is that they charge an activation fee of between $99-$149 on each of these packages. I went with Armorax instead because they don't charge an activation fee and their package is reasonably priced and covers both professional ...