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Midland Mortgage
Taking More Than Awarded

O. K... We all know about Midland Funding and their less than upstanding business practices. Despite every attempt to make these people go away, they managed to set court dates without my knowledge and accquire judgement. My question to you is what legal action can I take if they actually collected more than what the courts ...

Midland Mortgage
Customer Service

I have had to deal with a lot of situations in my life, including being a customer service representative myself & having to call companies for customer service also. Of all the times I have had to call or talk to Midland Mortgage, 95% of the time the customer service representatives are rude, arrogant, obnoxious & have "an ...

Midland Mortgage
They ruined my credit

I contacted Midland Mortgage to do a loan modification. I worked with them for 3 months on the loan modification, a loan officer informed me that I should not make any payment until the modification has been approved. Once the load modification was approved, I began making my monthly payment based on the loand modification. ...

Midland Mortgage
No Help

I called Midland Mortgage to help me reduce my payment and they did not help me. Times are hard and they acted like they did not care as lone as I was making my payment. I also asked them if I could make payments Bi-monthly and they said NO. They did not want to lose any finance charges. You no that you will decrease your loan ...