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Midland Mortgage
Midland Morg.

My estranged husband & his deceased wife own a house that was sold to Midland morg.# mo. Ago I sent them a original of her death certificate with the loan #. I called yesterday asking if indeed the property had been foreclosed & though it is in FL. & by law I have equal rights to it, they refused to give me any info. Told me ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland Mortgage Co.

I agree rude is not okay, however I don't believe it is against the law. This company has taken it a bit further with me and made it all but impossible to refinance my home. I have ample equity, descent credit and am gainfully employed. The issue is simply that this company will not give me the needed information I have ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland Mortgage Sucks!

I just bought a new car, the bank we are using to finance the car gave me EIGHT options on how to pay them monthly. Midland gives me ONE option that does not cost extra-snail mail. What is really ironic is that they process the the check electronically, but want to charge me to give them a check over the phone or through the ...

Midland Mortgage
Class action law suit in MN

We are starting with a QWR (qualified written request) to Midland Mortgage in July 2011. We hope to proceed with a law suit from there. We are at the end of our rope with Midland Mortgage! This co. Has ruined our credit, lied to us over and over and over again, our paper work has been lost several times, and we have sent ...