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Midland Mortgage

I am going through a refinance requested a payoff letter and next thing you know they did not accept my check for my regular payment. They then held my money for 8 days then called me to ask what I wanted them to do with my money. After a 15 minute recorded conversation (yes not my first rodeo with midland) they admitted it ...

Midland Mortgage
Mr. Gary Smith

Trying to get contractor paid for work done after insurance check was sent to Midland, LIES! LIES! And more LIES! —Please send complaints to Sen RIchard Shelby of Alabama, member of senate banking committee. And copy in Ken R. Clark, President of Midland. Check for damage repair made to Midland and me, All bills were sent with ...

Midland Mortgage
Never use this company!

My mortgage was sold to Midland from Citi without my knowledge. I didn't find out for 18 months!!! I had been using a bi-weekly payment plan through Citi which was automatically drafted from my account. This auto payment continued throughout this time frame. The day I found out my mortgage had been switched to Midland I called ...