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Midland Mortgage
Midland refused payments

Midland mortgage incorrectly believed I was 1 payment behind and refused to accept several attempts to pay a FULL payment. They sent my checks back with a letter refusing payment... They also blocked my attempt to pay by credit card on line... Therefore, these payment refusals led to foreclosure proceedings... Totally forced on ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland Mortgage is a Nightmare

I have never had a single late mortgage in the 13 years since I purchased my home. The mortagage has been sold to 3 different banks and I never had an issue or delay in continuing to make electronic payments either. When Citicorp Mortgage, who I thought was the worst customer service out there, sold to Midland, I was never ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland Lies and thieves

Unfortunately my loan has been with Midland way to long. I asked midland to refi my loan, but of course they said they could not, so I went with another company. I get the pay off and it has ~1,500 in fees and late charges. I Call to get a details report of the fees. 4 calls later, same story, you should get in in 24/48 hours. ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland mortgage

Foreclosed on us. Filed the paperwork not once twice for help mortgage was outrageous. Called them and called them. Rude individual States when u have a case worker we will call you until then don't call again. 2 days later received a letter stating they couldn't contact us. No missed falls no voice mails nothing and a letter ...

Midland Mortgage

My mortgage payment is automatically made to Midland through my bank each month. Ever since my mortgage was sold to midland I have received notices of late payment and threats to forclose on my home. Just last year I was placed on a payment plan for "missing payments". They raised my monthly payments from 720.00 a month to ...

Midland Mortgage
Claims Processing Nightmare

We had a fire in our home. We prayed for a fair insurance adjuster and got one. Farmers was very efficient and fair in executing our claim. The nightmare was dealing with Midland Mortgage. Because I realized after the first two checks that they were very slow, I made sure that we followed their requirements to the tee for our ...