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Midland Mortgage
Midland mortgage is not fai

Midland mortgage is not a fair company please any attonery help us they get those insurance settlement checks they dont want to release them you send all the proper paper work somebody help us this mortgage company needs to be investagated it is not fair we pay our insurance not them then when a storm comes there names are on ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland Mortgage is a scam

I lost my house 3 years ago to midland because they refused to work with me on my loan. I was unemployeed and let them know the day it happened. 3 months later I got a job but it was making much less then before. They refused to work on a modification. They did however try. They wanted me to make a payment that was 75% of my ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland Mortgage Co SUCKS!

Omg! Could there be a worse company ever to do what they call business? Our problems began with GMAC instructing us not to make a payment because our mortgage was in the process of being sold to Midland Mortgage, and there being a good chance that the payment would get lost. This was the official start of a 3 year nightmare. ...