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Midland Mortgage
Midland Funding

I actually paid a bill they sent that was not mine to get it off my credit. They promised me a letter after it had been "processed" - although they processed the credit card payment before I even hung up the phone. And the faxed letter? We were supposed to get it yesterday an hour later. The next day, hours later, I have been ...

Midland Mortgage
I should sue Midland Mortgage

Fucxxxxg IDIOTS. I am contractor, i replaced the roof on my friend house, USAA issued him a check that he had to mail to his mortgage company so mortgage company would pay him. Midland send an e mail to my friend saying they will issue33 % upfront, 33% half way through and 33% at completition of project. I finished job in one ...

Midland Mortgage
No Response

I tried to use midland mortgage website and have tried to call customer service and there's no answers. Citimortgage sold my mortgage to these people and you can't even pay them. What's going on with them? Is there anyway to get in contact with these people. I've even tried to refinance with another company and there no ...

Midland Mortgage
Midland Mortage

What a waste of the company. We have been waiting for our money for 4 weeks. The contractor is pissed and getting ready to put a lean on our home because Midland will not release money that doesn't even belong to them. I get the law and support the reasoning however I'm not going anywhere so send me my money so I can pay the ...