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Worst Online Shopping Experience

I work with a small non-profit and spent hours online deliberately selecting items for projects and charitable gifting for our clients. But within minutes of placing the order online, an email was sent explaining that 12 of the 35 items were cancelled. Well, clearly if I knew that before purchasing, I wouldn't be stuck with ...

4 weeks - No paycheck!

Ive worked here for one month so far and have not even received my first entire paycheck by mail, which i was supposed to get this friday (5/15/15). Its not a improper address i entered incorrectly at orientation because i KNOW WHERE I LIVE! If i do not receive it by monday, i will be contacting the department of labor. I ...

No Protocol following

Am a current (or was till last week) Wilton Methods Instructor, and have been teaching solely at Michael's for over 10 years and have instructed 2500 students. Get a message from Michael's Loss & Prevention that I can no longer teach as there is a "PRODUCT PROBLEM" and not other explanation, have reached out to multiple ...

Michaels employee

Honestly, I used to LOVE working for Michaels, but after 2 years, I'm ready to move on. I started working there in 2013 while I was a student. The hours were very suitable for my schedule. This was my second retail job, and one thing I took note of off the bat was lack of training. They stick you up at cash, watch over you for ...

Ads and sale signs not on items. Everything is mixed together with the sale items. Silver mesh reg. Price no mention of this in ad or display

I've had it. I will never ever go to Michaels again. Went today to get deco mesh (which they don't have many colors to choose) I bought [email protected] $4.99 each On the ad it had a picture of silver, Black etc. It never said Silver was excluded nor was there a sign on silver. I also bought Tullie which was not on sale that's why I used ...