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Scandalous HSBC Nevada!

I actually went to court with my attorney and thought it was settled amicably. I made my payments religiously every month. When I called the Court Department I was informed that my case is still opened because payments were stopped (not by me) and payments were returned (not to me). I only found this out because I was getting ...

Hsbc fraud and misappropriation of property

Dear Reema, HSBC Greetings! HSBC gulps/eats away a customer’s property by charging double rate of interest and not allowing to moving out of HSBC. Then you close the customer complaint. Do you have authority and competency to comment on these matters against senior HSBC officials. Has HSBC been given liberty by Central Bank ...

Unable to contact HSBC to open an account.

I want to open an a/c with HSBC, but the phone numbers given by Google are either not in use (020 7991 2652) or they ask for passwords and card details to speak to anyone. How is a prospective customer expected to speak to anyone. I have tried for over an hour with no result. What a disgraceful lack of thinking from a ...

Poor customer service

The cs rep made assumptions on why I was calling and would then go down that train of thought, which was no help at all. When I called bull on one of her statements I she told me not to use that language. Would not get a supervisor. Assumed she knew what I needed... Just awefull EVERY SINGLE TIME. Each time I have to call ...