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Cvs Pharmacy
Worst Customer Services

So, I go to drive through to pick up my medications @ Nutley, NJ CVS. They tells me the price for my medication is $150 without putting through the insurance first. Next they tell me that if I don't want to pay that price I have to come inside the pharmacy and run the insurance card again (they already have my insurance on ...

Cvs Pharmacy
Wrong dosage

Physician sent script to CVS pharmacy store #2005 for a dosage amount for 10mg. Pharmacy filled it for 5mg. I noticed the mistake when I got home and compared it to other bottle. Called the pharmacy back and the pharmacist said "Oh yeah that would we made a mistake on the first script". I told her I was not notified of the ...

Cvs Pharmacy
Filled right scrip to wrong person

Ever thing on the scrip name birthday how can that happen i go to get my scrip and they cant find it because they put in a nother mans name thats 15 years older how many times do they ask you your birthday its on the scrip i come here every month before this happenedthey me getting 90 day scrips of my med and said they cant ...