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TomTom map online shopping

I bought a New Zealand map (online) from Australia and it was supposed to be 'available immediately' for 'easy download'. I spent a whole day trying to find it on my TomTom Home but it never arrived. The money was instantly deducted from my bank account by TomTom in the Netherlands but it is impossible to contact them by email ...

TomTom GPS Unit

I purchased a TomTom XXL550 GPS unit in the fall of the spring of 2011 had to contact their support unit because the touch screen was not working all the time. They directed me to links to fix the problem. Sometimes the unit would work for a couple of weeks then had to go thru the same thing with their support team. ...

TomTom treats customers like idiots

I tried to get a refund on a GPS unit for 13 months. I e-mailed them multiple times 10 months ago and called them recently. Not even through the BBB could I get one. The unit I got is garbage but they got their money so that is all that matters. Their time periods for refunds are all made up (you get told different things and ...