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Sharlee Stockfeeds
Another complaint from the US

On 4/20/12 I ordered and paid for a 6 month supply of Comfortis Blue... Since then and many emails and phone calls to Greg, my dog still needs his meds. Who in Austrailia can I report this to. I have seen another company Vital Pets in Australia... How do i KNOW its not another scam? I also have just learned that Comfortis can ...

Sharlee Stockfeeds
Never again

I am due to purchase dog meds again, but not with Sharlee. I purchase from Sharlee last year, took months to receive, after many emails they arrived DAMAGED. We're on a limited budget, it was difficult to think I had been ripped off. Took just days for them to take my money!!! THEIR EXCUSE:.. Death in the family - hence the ...