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Piercing Pagoda
Dreadful experience

Dreadful experience! The piercing device was stuck to my baby's ear, screaming in pain for more than 2-3 mins. The rude assoc then sticks her nail to release the device... No luck and then she pulls out a pair of pliers! As any any anxious parent shud, we request to call for help, to avoid any further damage in panic. No ...

Piercing Pagoda
Review about Defective Jewelry

I went to the mall and ended up buying 400 dollars in "gold" jewelry. The girl sold me a year warranty and everything seemed fine I bought two chains two cross pendants and earnings I also received some discounts. Within one week the necklace broke so I brought it back and got 75 back cash and had to wait for the rest by check ...

Piercing Pagoda
Review about Gold Ring

I bought a gold ring with tiny diamonds in the shape of a cross. Paid a full $50.00 for it. A week later it started bending. Freakin bogus cheap jewlery and now i saw the other day a diamond is gone. Piercing pagoda u cheap are thieving poeples money big dollars for cheap trashy qaulity jewlery. Don't buy from this place!!! ...

Piercing Pagoda
Review about Ear Piercing

WHATEVER YOU DO — do not get a piercing from piercing pagoda in the christiana mall. I took my daughter to get her ears done. (After begging her for 2 years). I was advised that the manager (Cindi) was great, had been doing this for 8 years, very quick & painless. She pierced her first ear, & the earring fell out (she blamed ...

Piercing Pagoda
Still no REFUND from Corporate

So a purchased was made from Piercing Pagoda in Texas for over $3000 and when merchandise was returned the NEXT DAY all was fine and I was suppose to receive a refund. Well it has been forever and I still have no refund!!! I called corporate and was lied to by many customer service reps about the money being back into my ...

Piercing Pagoda
Nose Piercing gone wrong

I recently had my nose pierced by piercing pagoda. I went back 8 weeks later and was told it was okay to change the piercing. I had a horrible time trying to take out the piercing stud. It had a rib on the end of the nose bone, which made it nearly impossible to remove without causing damage. After finally getting the stud ...