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Piercing Pagoda
Nose Piercing

I stupidly had my nose pierced spur of the moment there because for some reason the gun seemed less intimidating than the needle (never, get your nose pierced with a gun ever by the way, higher risk of infection and cartilage shatter among other things). The girl seemed nice and it was over quickly, however a day or two later I ...

Horrible customer service is right!

Do not look online and expect the same price to be in the store. They will rip you off, an charge you a lot more! I was charged $140.00 more. The reward coupon, please what a joke! Do not fall for their scam, like I was. I called customer service to find out what happened. We ordered a ring from the store who the lady went on ...

Piercing Pagoda
Crooked store

When you return an item that a warranty was purchased on, the $4.99 for the warranty is not refunded. A warranty is not any good without the item. I can't believe a company would go this low to make $4.99. The sales clerk stated she did not make the rules. Well, this is a crazy rule. I asked for an address to write a complaint ...

Horrible customer service

My fiance and I found an engagement ring online that I feel in love with but we didn't know what ring size I was so we decided to stop into our local Zales. (Bay Park Square, 631 Bay Park Square Green Bay, WI) The ring was there so we purchased it but since I'm a size 4 it had to be special ordered. We were told it would be ...