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Aquamarine misrepresentaion

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT order anything from Zales ever again. I saw a very pretty set of aquamarine earrings that I wanted to get as a Valentine's Day present for my daughter. If you go to, they have a picture of the most beautiful, brightly colored set of Aquamarine earrings. I thought this was the perfect gift so ...

A GOOD Zales experience!

I know how freaked out I got when I stumbled upon all of the negative reviews about Zales AFTER I had already ordered my bridal set earlier this month... And I want to share my POSITIVE experience with the store so that maybe, some other soon-to-be-blushing-bride who falls in love with a Zales ring won't be so nervous. I ...

Repair of lost diamond in journey necklace

First of all I did miss one inspection but the last time I took my jewerly in I forgot to take the 3ct14kwhite gold flower v necklace in the next time I took it and they said oooo that's ok and signed off on the inspection! I lost the third diamond out of the journey necklace took it in and because I miss one inspection I have ...

Ruined birthday

I ordered a necklace from that was supposed to ship within 2-3 weeks. I figured this would be ample time seems how the birthday it was ordered for was over 6 weeks away. I could not have been more WRONG. A week past the estimated shipping date I got suspicious and decided to give customer service a call. They ...