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Piercing Pagoda
Poor/No service

I went to the Lakeline Mall location yesterday morning Dec 26 to get my ears pierced. I was the only one standing at the counter and the lady who worked there saw me but instead of helping me she picked up her cell phone, walked out of the kios and made a phone call. I continued to stand there and even said "excuse me, can I ...

The "on sale ring" and rude employee

My boyfriend ordered me a promise ring online at Zales. The ring is beautiful and means a lot to me but it is to big. So I went back to zales THE NEXT DAY AFTER I GOT IT and they said that since it was on sale we would have to pay the REGULAR PRICE to get it resized. Not only would we have to pay 200 more dollars but we would ...

Ordered customer Necklace

I sent this to my niece for Christmas, it cost $260.00, it was a custom name necklace, laced with Diamonds on the first letter, it comes with a chain, she put it on and the chain broke about an hour later, it fell down into her shirt. Called and they said I would to send the necklace back to get a refund, then I would have to ...

Piercing Pagoda
Totally crooked

I went to the piercing pagoda in Las Vegas South Premium outlets, and I've wanted to get my second piercings for a while now. When I first passed the kiosk, I thought it might be too sketchy to be sterile, but upon closer inspection it seemed pretty clean. I went up the the kiosk, picked out my earrings, bought them, and they ...