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Piercing Pagoda
Never buy from this company

I placed an online order at piercing on December 5,2014. As of this date 12/17/2014 I still have not received my order. I have called several time to customer service and have been told in so many words that its not the company's problem but mine. I contacted Zales as being the parent company and action was taken. I ...

Zales is a Total Rip-Off

I went to their online site to order some jewelry. I had to call to find out if the pendants I wanted were solid or hollow, and they said solid. Then when I ordered and paid, I got an email and saw they had overcharged me. I immediately tried to cancel the order but their systems wouldn't allow it. I emailed their customer ...

Ring Came Back Damaged after a Resize

Took ring to get sized down (undamaged) ring came back to me 2 weeks later bent on the setting that holds the diamonds. Now its been about a month and yet this issue still can't get resolved. They tried to repair and the repair looks horrible and at this point I am still waiting on a call from the district manager or the store ...