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Ordered a new E85 Tahoe but got a E10

My boyfriend and I ordered a new E85 Tahoe. The reason why we purchased a E85 is because we are farmers and have shares in an ethanol plant. When we received it we thought we had a E85 and our sales person apologized that it didn't have ethanol in the tank because he knew that is what we ordered. To make a long story short, ...

Paint/Locks & buring oil

I have a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado with 69,000 and my truck has always been parked inside. My paint on both rear quarter panels is rusting. My locks won't unlock or lock and now it is burning oil. My wife's 2008 Tahoe has had the locking mechanisms fixed on 3 separate occasions. I took the truck into a dealership and they told ...

General Motors
2008 Grand Prix is a Lemon

This car has cost me nothing but money, I have never put so much money on repairs to "any" car I have owned in my life. I have spent $4000.00 in repairs the past 2 years. Harmonic Balancers, ignition control modules, coils, new plugs more than once in the past 18 month, what's with that! Not to mention the clear coat that is ...