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Dirty Bus and Bus stops

My trip began in Phoenix, AZ on 6/15/15 ending on 6/17/I5. The buses were dirty from Phoenix, AZ to Richmond, VA. The bathroom had a foul odor from Phoenix to Richmond. The bathrooms on the bus were never cleaned. The rest of the trip from Richmond to Norfolk Virginia, the bus was fairly clean and the bathroom smelled better. ...

Save your money and rent a car or fly!

They think it is perfectly acceptable to be late, and leave a 16 year old on his own for 11 hours. That was just the trip there! Never even bother calling the customer service line, they can do nothing for you, only the terminal and/or the bus driver can make decisions. IF you can get a hold of the terminal, since they do not ...

Bus driver Stephen Darrick.

Bus driver Stephen Darrick is a rude, rude man who uses his "authority". To bully passengers. He rudely instructed a passenger, attempting to board the bus with a box, to get down with the box. It was obvious that the passenger did not speak English. He looked confused, then finally got off. He then took my ticket, and said, ...

I was asked to leave the bus just bc I questioned the attitude of the driver. I was not even given time to check if I took everything I had. Result: a missed flight, humiliation.

Yesterday night, I boarded in Cleveland to arrive at Washington (June 1st, 2015; Bus number: 6409).in Pittsburg everyone was asked to leave the bus (as their policy). When we boarded back at 2 am (june second), the driver realised that one of my carry on bags were too big to be carry on. And he started to make sentences such ...