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Bill Me Late
Bill Me Later misled its customers!

I used "Bill Me Later? BML)" because it is a service of Paypal which I used to pay when I ordered item in Ebay. However, these Paypal and BML are not linked together eventhough they put BML icon and BML's brief statement display together inside your Paypay account. The drama is, it appears that if your Paypal has sufficient ...

Bill Me Late
Bill Me Later - Identity Theft

Someone opened an account with Bill Me Later using my information, charged two separate purchases, and had goods delivered. I was told that they know the shipping address where the items went. Only thing that saved me was Identity Guard and my credit rating agencies who alerted me to this new account. Promised affidavit from ...

Bill Me Late
Bill Me Later - sleazeball

Bought $70/- worth of items on ebay paid using bill me later. 2 months later - got a bill by mail with $60 in late charge fees. And $4 in interest charges. I paid $134/- and called them to waive at least one of the late charge fees. They are refusing to even waive anything. Total ripoff - They are sleaze balls. Stay away from ...