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Horrible company

Macys failed to send me a bill for December, and I subsequently missed ONE PAYMENT. I missed ONE payment after 10 years of being a loyal customer and they sent me to collections - sent their henchmen after me, reported me as delinquent and lowered my credit line to an insulting amount. Macys is a HORRIBLE, HATEFUL, GREEDY ...

Terrible customer service

Went to the store and was convinced on getting a macys credit card for better deal. Store associate forgot to enter the promotion code, cancelled the order then placed it again, 2 weeks later i got an email that the order was cancelled b/c i was over my credit limit. Spoke to 1 representative who "fixed" the issue and sent me ...

Do not get a macy’s credit card!

Do not get a macy’s credit card! Day 1, I was talked into getting the credit card from the cashier. Day 5, went online to payoff credit and learned I had to sign up for a Store Online Account, then put in credit account number. It said I had to wait 24 hours before registering my account. Day 6, went online to pay; said I ...

Macys online ordering - stay away

I placed an online order for a gift card to be emailed to a recipient. They called my home phone and left one message. Because I didn't return that message within 8 hours, during the holiday season, they canceled the order. I was away during the holidays and don't check my home answering machine every single day. Payment was ...