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Mother's Day ruined by Macy's

My mother lives in Wyoming where there are no Macy's stores however, she comes to visit me in Georgia often and she likes to shop at Macy's when she is here. So his I decided to buy my Mother a hat from Macy's for Mother's day. I went into a Macy's store on Monday, May 4,2015 and found the perfect hat. I went to the register ...

Macy's Horrible Customer Service

I was late on a payment and worked with a customer representative to catch up. I EXPRESSED my concern with making the past due payment before it gets reported to the Credit Bureaus. They worked happily with me and told me the day it must post to avoid the reporting and I paid. Well, I ordered reports to check my credit score ...

I will never shop at Macy's again!

• On March 14,2015 I chose a set of patio furniture (web ID 543019) and a cover for it (web ID 638910). I phoned in and ordered it. I was told that I would have to call a different number to order the cover, or order it on line; it was a different department from furniture. The cost of the furniture set was $1,899.00. I was ...