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Worst credit card eve

Worst credit card ever!!! The paperless credit card bill is scary. I didn't receive mine while traveling and when I finally arrived home I had a paper bill in the mail. The charge was $39 and was past due! Of course I called and paid the bill immediately and explained what happened. Macy's filed a negative credit report to ALL ...

"MACY'S" should be called "MAFI'A"

This company is a total mafia. We paid our credit card off IN FULL and closed the account after having it for only 2 months! We opened it in December and paid it off IN FULL in early February with an amount around $1, fact, we never even received our cards and they expected us to go and track them down in our building ...

Macy's furniture worst experience evver

I ordered a couch and ottoman from macy's january 1,2015, i paid $5,000.00 dollars for a white leather couch. When they delivered couch 4 out of 6 pieces were damaged. Sent it back they said no problem they would replace damage pieces. I get a phone call to set up delivery for the second try and i did for march 10,2015, ...