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Dishonest advertising

On April 7th, I shopped on I chose 7 items and put them in my cart. I proceeded to checking out and applied a promo code which did not register. I called Macy's customer service and I was told that the promo would only be applied from the next day, the 8th. That was yesterday. The customer service operator suggested ...

Unresolved billing issue

I've been having an ongoing, unresolved credit card billing dispute with Macy's. I have a spotless payment record, save for a payment that was one (yes, one) day late. I was levied a late fee for this payment. However, through the Macy's Secure Messaging Center, I was able to resolve the immediate issue-with a documented ...

Purchased previously sold unclean blouse

I purchased a new blouse for my wife a Lioyd Center Macys in Portland. We live out of the U.S. So returning the blouse was not possible. When I got home and gave the blouse to my wife, she noticed deodorant stains on the inside of the blouse. Which means the blouse had been sold, worn, returned to Macys and put back on the ...