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Macy"s Gift Card for a Wedding Gift

I ordered a $100 gift card as a wedding gift 2 weeks before the Las Vegas wedding on February 20th for a San Diego couple. I attended the weeding and returned home. A week later I was told by the couple no gift had been received. Following up with Macy's I was told it was either lost or stolen and another card would be sent in ...

Macy's Fine Jewlery Department is mess

I bought a diamond ring (multi-diamond) from Macy on 3/7/2015. The sales lady told me that it is total 3/4 ct tw diamond on the ring. The tag and receipt both state that it is 3/4 CT diamond. I got home, remove the tag and saw "1/2 TW" in the ring. It means 1/2 CT, not 3/4 CT diamond on the ring. I went back to the store on ...

Macy's could not process my orde

After placing an order on (70$ worth of merch.) I received an email notification my order was in process. Then two hours later I received another notice telling me my order could not be processed and was cancelled and I needed to contact their consumer protection department. I called the number, thinking there was ...