City: Alberton
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No feedback

Come back to me. Very disappointed. I had to phone Game Alberton everyday to get feedback. I am told that I must pay R4900 to replace a screen that they say is cracked. I brought my tv there was nothing wrong with the tv and game alberton were the witnesses. After a month of follow ups this is the outcome. I can not accept that ...

No Internet service

My Internet service has been down since the 5th of February, it is now the 27th of February and the problem has not been fixed i have had to telkom every second day without any resolution each day spending between 45 mins to an hour on hold. This is shocking i have paid for a service which i have been without for almost the ...

Promise Grill Restaurant
Great Service

Late last year, I went to this restaurant, a friend of mine referred me, again sometime this year i took my fiance to the restaurant and he was impressed, we both love it. I would like to give a heart-felt thank you for the great service from the manager to the staff wow, you guys are fantastic, we love you, we love your food, ...