City: Amanzimtoti
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I have a contract with Vodacom 4U (Galleria Mall Durban) for my Sony Xperia tablet. The screen display stopped working so I took it back to the store on 22 December 2014 to be repaired under warranty. No feedback from the store so I went in on 7 January 2017. Again, they were confused and after finding the documents made a few ...

Outstanding assistant

On the 7th February 2015, we visited the Toti Makro and needed assistance at the information desk. This young lady advised us in the most polite and helpful manner. She was polite, quick, very, very efficient and her attitude was refreshing and very appreciated. Well done, young lady! You are doing Makro and yourself proud. ...

Scoin Shop
No assistance in coin buy back

Good day, I bought a coin with Scoin Shop Amanzimtoti in the promise that I will get assistance when I needed the coin repurchased but seemingly this was all a lie. I have hit real financial problems and I have notified the branch that I need this coin repurchased at cost but have never received any assistance in this regard. ...

Kingsway Hospital Accounts Problem

I took my son to the emergency department at Kingway Hospital on a Sunday in late November (possibly 23 Nov 2014). I was on Discovery medical aid and was asked to pay in R148 at the time of consult to which I had no problem. Months went by I got posted a 7 day notice from the hospital dated 7 Feb 2015 which I only picked up on ...