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USPS Deliver Packages...?

I thought it was one of their main jobs... Delivering packages to people! Apparently, for the mail lady in my neighborhood, it was too much to ask. I live in an apartment building where you need a code to get in. And my door bell doesn't work. But the mail lady already has the master key to get in so she doesn't need to even ...

Bad Boy Furniture
Bad Boy's Kitchener Ontario

I bought my furniture from Bad Boy in September with zero percent financing and zero payments for one year. The salesperson did not inform me of an annual $21.00 fee. I had just recently moved and my address on my Driver's License was my old address. I informed the salesperson of this, she took both addresses and noted that ...

Other Company
No call no show

They schedule a 1pm to 5pm apt never show up never call very unprofessional company. Waiting week for parts for washing machine and they dont show up to repair it. Of course theyshow up late for the first initial appt because its any easy one hundred and thirty eight dollar fee expensive. Leave clients stuck and supervisors do ...

Ikea Pax Fevik doors collapsed and. Nothing

In September 2007 I tried to buy a large bedroom Pax wardrobe from Ikea and from day one they were not on stock so I purchased in two Ikeas all material.installing was no problem (though the compartiments were very heavy as well as the partly-glass Fevik doors). Everything all right until the end of October 2011 when one door ...