City: Amsterdam
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Manpower Mehmet Gundu employee at Amsterdam

We have known Mehmet Gundu from Manpower Recruitment as business collegea's at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam. As an old female employee I really mis him. I really need a personal touch again, even if his work lacks sometimes professionality, it does not matter. The other females and males missed him too, good luck in ...

Primus Canada
Shoddy Internet Service!

Opened an account for ulimited internet service: never got close to it!!! Internet drops for no reason and or the modem does not boot up correctly and surprise, it's Bell's fault! Technical support can't help because it's a Bell line... Can't test the line with a regular phone so off to level 2. Meanwhile, I have not internet ...

Hyperink scam! Awful ebooks, spam fake reviews

I bought an ebook from Hyperink and it was formatted horribly and was basically a bunch of Googled stuff thrown in a book without any context! I thought it would be good because all of the five star reviews on Amazon Kindle Store and, but all of the reviews are by people who have only reviewed other Hyperink books! ...