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Undelivered Parcel Sinkhole

My experiences with UPS have been bad every time. Once I ordered flowers that the vendor shipped via UPS and UPS held the flowers in their warehouse for a week! Another time, I purchased an item to be delivered to my office. For some reason the Suite number was not added to the shipping label. The vendor called back requesting ...

US taxes lost in web of Fedex incompetence

I called FedEx for a pickup for Thursday April 8... I called Wed because I was sending my US Fed Tax Forms. I wanted to make sure the pick up would be early enough to make the plane to Paris so it would be sure to arrive in Ohio Friday... They sent out a "sub contractor" who had no scanning device so would take all the picked ...

Sunair Awnings = Low Quality

We purchased awnings from Sunair several years ago. The awnings are noisy with squeaks and rattles and at times do not operate properly. We have contacted Sunair numerous times, only to have them put the problem off onto their dealer in the area. When we contacted Sunair last, they stated that, "the awnings are now out of ...

Expedia Nightmare!

DO NOT under any circumstances book Expedia, Customer Service are kids who follow scripts, have no empathy with their customers just come back with the same quotes in their condescending way. They say they cannot get a refund back from the flight company - what's wrong with them giving their customers a refund, it would ensure ...