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Merchant Solutions
Accept Credit Card Processing

Accept Credit Card Processing on very great Merchant Solutions offers a total payment processing solution for any company that wants to accept Credit Cards payments and reach a much larger customer base. Our full line of products allows you to begin accepting Credit Cards, and if you already ...

PSI Seminars
Take the BASIC!?

I was doing some more research on PSI Seminars and their 90 day "Program" called PLD. The following emails were found on their yahoo group. This group started in August 2007 and the bulk of the membership started dropping out after two months. I found this is rather common with PSI; be it their PSI7 groups or the PLD Programs. ...

PSI Seminars
Add another family to the List

After 6 years of marriage and two kids (one a 2 month old infant), my husband, who just returned from PSI7, has decided that it's just not going to work out. He says he still loves me but is not "in love" with me any longer. He says he just can't deal with our relationship anymore. And I just don't understand how his attitude ...

PSI Seminars
Well isn't that nice?

Hi All (and a BIG HELLO to anyone from PSI checking on this site - Kiss my a!!!), Everything stated about PSI Seminars is absolutely correct. I was badgered by a trusted friend for months until I finally caved in, because I never imagined this person was involved in anything like this, nor did I think they were susceptible to ...

ENOM are crooks!

Me and some others of our company bought domains from a an enom reseller company, now they took our money, they did not emailed us giving us a reason to why they did that, no refund NOTHING! I contact the reseller pissed off, they said that they had nothing do to with blocking our accounts, so i had to contact and ...