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Stop bad comments Against XLPharmacy!

What is wrong with you people? XL Pharmacy is not as bad as you all think and say. First of all not all Internet stores are perfect... And that is true... I speak of experience because i for years buy and sale Online. So i know about this business as well. Also I know there are a lot of scam going on here. As the Internet is ...

4RX sending SPAM!

I tried to place an order with 4rx yesterday... First they did not accept my credit card. It kept showing INVALID CREDIT CARD also happened when I tried with other credit cards. Same problem. Came to chat with some support agent and they told me to send them a copy of my credit card to them... YEAH RIGHT! And after that i ...

XLPharmacy. You won't regret it!

My family and I for years have bought from XLPharmacy. We did had few problems in the beggining of this year after going back and forth, they let us know about the shipping company problem they had. They said they were going to change companies. Once they did we tried it again and wufff... I guess i was right about staying with ...