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Appalling service

I bought a bed from Ikea four months ago, and I still don't have any furniture as a part of that transaction. I agreed with the delivery driver, for the original delivery to be rescheduled, as they only had broken goods in stock. They brought the mattress, forgetting the rest of the bed, on a rescheduled date. I arranged for ...

Littlewoods International Lotto
Ripoff sent me a check of $1,998 to cash in and then send as a moneygram to help pay the taxes on my winning lotto prize of $87,000. How can we get justice from these frauds?

Littlewoods International Lotto promised me a winning lotto prize of $87,000 if I cash in a check they sent of $1,998 and then send it with moneygram to a person in charge of next sending me my lotto check. After a couple of days I called back but they wouldn't pick up the phone, I think they cut it off already. Now what do I ...

Aladdin International Lotto
LIARS said I won third prize in lotto on line and I fell for the lies. I may be charged with a felony if this is not resolved

I got a letter stating I won third prize in the International lotto. I spoke with someone from this so called lottery and they said I had won this from an on line entry. I fell for their lies. I cashed the check at a local check cashing place and now they are saying that the check was counterfeit. I tried to resolve this with ...